Website terms of use


The Publisher of Website Ausdauerkraft GmbH (hereinafter: “Publisher”) . The website that the Publisher uses to provide information about products and services offered by the Publisher. The User of the website is a legal or physical person which in any direct or indirect way uses or has used, accesses or has accessed the website. The website implies the internet pages and their parts found under the same domain.


These General Terms of use of website (hereinafter: “General Terms”) define terms and rules that pertain to using the website. By using this website, the User agrees with the General Terms stated here and accepts to use the website in accordance with them. The right to use this website is the User’s personal right and cannot be in any way transferred to other physical or legal persons. The User is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of passwords, where used. The User is aware of the fact that certain technical errors may arise in the Internet connection, which may lead to unavailability of some services or other events outside of the Publisher’s control, and for which he cannot be liable for any loss of data incurred during transformation of data online or any other events that may occur during the process of providing the Publisher’s services.


Changes to Terms of use

The Publisher shall withhold the right to at any given time change or discontinue any segment of its business, including, but not limited to, time of availability, content, and equipment necessary to access or use the website. The Publisher may also stop sending information, or parts thereof, change or discontinue any form of data transfer, and can change the speed of data transfer and any other aspects thereof. The Publisher shall withhold the right to at any given moment and without previous notification, if deemed necessary, change or discontinue any of the stated Terms of use and/or Privacy statement. Material changes can, among other things, include introduction of new fees or charges. In case the General Terms of use are changed and the user continues to use the website, it shall be taken to mean that the User accepts the General Terms of use in their change form. Every potential change or deletion of General Terms of use is valid towards third parties upon publication on the website. Every use of the website in question by the user, except when familiarizing oneself with the changes to the General Terms of use, after such a change will be regarded as accepting these change.

User behavior

The Users are obligated and responsible to use the website in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia and general moral and ethical principles. The users of this website shall not disclose or transfer any materials that may present a risk or a violation of rights of others in any form, any materials that are illegal, endangering, offensive, inflammatory, privacy-violating or privacy-threatening, vulgar, obscene, or in any other way undesirable in reasonable communication; any material which incites others to illegal activities, which violates any form of regulation, and which contains offers and advertisements from other goods or services, without explicit written consent from the Publisher. Any such behavior of the User which, at Publisher’s discretion, limits or prevents any other user from using or enjoying the website is strictly forbidden. The user shall not use the website for advertising or performing any commercial, religious, political or non-commercial promotion, including sending invitations to Users of the website to become members of another online or offline service which represents a direct, indirect, actual or potential competition for the Publisher.


In relation to the use of website and its functionalities by the User, the Publisher may collect certain personal data from the User and process and store them for intended purposes. By using the website, you consent to the public Privacy policy of the Publisher and you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the Privacy policy. The Publisher’s Privacy policy can be found under „Privacy policy“.


By posting comments, messages or other information onto the website, the User gives the Publisher the right to use these comments, messages or information in for the purpose of promotion, advertising, market research or any other legal purposes.
User Privacy Protection and use of cookies
A cookie (hereinafter referred to as “the cookie(s)”) is information that is stored on the User’s computer by the website that the User visits. Cookies usually save User’s website preferences and settings, such as their preferred language or address. After the User revisits the same website, their browser returns the cookies belonging to that website. This allows the website to display information tailored to the User’s needs. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the website, further improvements and enhancements to User’s browsing experience, the website stores a small amount of information (cookies) on User’s computer. By using the website without changing the settings to deny permission to store cookies on your computer, the User agrees to the use and storage of cookies on their computer. If the User does not give consent to the storage of cookies, the storage of cookies on their computer will be disabled and they will still be able to browse the website, but certain features of the website will not be available to them.
Details about cookies, how they are used, stored and blocked, can be found on the page „Use of cookies“.

Final provisions

In case some of these General Terms of use are invalid, their invalidity will not affect the validity of another provision of these General Terms and the remaining parts will remain in force, while the invalid provision will be replaced with a valid one whose sense and legal purpose represent the best fit for the invalid provision. In case the Publisher does not utilize his rights from these General Terms, it will not be interpreted as his renunciation or loss of said rights or any other rights stipulated here. The court of Zagreb shall have jurisdiction in all legal disputes that may arise in relation to the use of website. Registering/logging into the Contact Form, registering for the Newsletter on the website will be taken to mean that the User has read, correctly interpreted and understood these General Terms in their entirety.