Pantherol lubricants

“After many years in the lubricant market, the PANTHEROL products came to life as a result of experience of world’s top tribologists. The experience gained from cooperation with the largest German refineries was used to create this new product line. Having in mind that brand awareness is not something we can get over the night, we decided for slightly different approach.

Lubricant market is based on the foundations of the world’s largest manufacturers. PANTHEROL approach is the focus on the client. PANTHEROL goal is to recognize needs of the end user and to secure everything what is necessary that client can lubricate it`s car, truck or a machine. Top quality products available to all users – this is the aim we are going for.

PANTHEROL is produced in the biggest refineries in the world, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety. With using free capacities of refineries, utilizing latest technologies, using acquired knowledge, constantly perfecting our approach, and by listening to the needs of all covered markets, we have created PANTHEROL.”

Development and production

“The production of PANTHEROL has been developed to the highest level possible by making use of available productive capacities of world refineries. Today, the product formulation is clear, as well as the quality of base oils and additives.

By using the best raw materials available and combining them with our knowledge and productive capacities, we are able to produce top quality products. Technological development of each product to adapt the formula to the needs of our buyers gives us the competitive edge in the market.”

Our goal

“The PANTHEROL brain strives to follow the latest technologies in the world of car industry and continuously develop our range of products to serve the needs of our buyers.”

Limitless mobility!